Greasers Bond By: Madeline

In the book The Outsiders written by S.E. Hinton the Greasers show signs of loyalty, affection and friendship between each other.  The Greasers have an amazing bond between each other because they have been through so much together. The Greasers stick together like family because they are all each other have.

Throughout the story the Greasers show many acts of loyalty towards each other. A great example of how the Greasers stick up for their friends and treat each other like family is when Cherry, a Soc girl, refers to Pony boy’s friend, Dally, as “trash”. Ponyboy sticks up for his friend by saying that they are buddies. In the novel, Ponyboy and the other Greasers stick up for each other when someone talks bad about their friend because they are tough Greasers. This theme of family and friendship is very important in the book and is shown throughout the story.

The bond of friendship that the Greasers share is very strong. They have been through so much together and always stay loyal to each other no matter what circumstances. Johnny shows a very heroic act of is when he kills a Soc Bob, because he was drowning his best friend Ponyboy. This goes to show that because the Greasers have such a strong bond of friendship they would do ANYTHING for each other.






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