Gangs – Every Where Every Time by Drew

The Outsiders is based in the 1960’s and this is not the only decade with clicks. The 1980’s there were the bloods and the Crip’s. The bloods are the rivals of the crips. The crips are one of the largest and most violent street gang. The crips and the bloods would take over school and each kid would were ether red or blue and there would be constant fighting. Gangs like the bloods and the crips could happen any time any were.

There are still clicks even in today’s society mostly by nation. Also with the people that you hang out with. In our school each grade is a click and in each grade we have smaller groups of people that are alike. This is just human nature to do this.

Teen gangs are also in New York. They account for over 40% of the city’s murders. All of the murders have been done with a gun. There are over 300 teen gangs in New York. These gangs in New York are way more violent that the greaser and the Soc’s. The Soc’s may be very violent but they don’t kill people very often. The greaser’s are only violent when needed and it seems like the New York gangs that just seems like senseless violets. These gangs in New York are there right now. Gangs have always been around in every year decade and century.


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