Adults Unleashed by: Gracie

In the book, “The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton” there are many different types of adults displayed very differently though out the book. There are the socs, parents, and the greasers, who everyone assumes that are so different, but are really quite similar. Although there are other figures in the book that nobody realizes are there. Acting more as a parent than any of the actual parents were.

Firstly, the only parents of greasers ever mentioned were Johnny’s parents and the Curtis Family. Johnny’s parents were abusive and neglecting, mentally and physically, leaving a giant hole in his heart nothing could really fill. Although the Curtis family had a good impact on their kids they died early. Leaving their kids with sadness in their hearts and a giant responsibility to take care of each other and themselves.

Also, the socs parents weren’t much better. They may have spoiled their kids rotten, but they never learned anything from their parents because they were gone all the time. They never realized that it’s not right to go jump some hoods on the other side of town just for fun. All of their family and people at school thought that they were perfect little angels.

Introducing Jerry Wood, the first man to not stereotype Ponyboy and the other greasers for being what they were. He saw them as actual human beings not as some hoods from the other side of town. He looked out for Ponyboy even though he had only known him for a couple of minutes, telling him not to smoke.

In conclusion, the actual parental figures in the outsiders were quite poor. Although when Ponyboy meet Jerry on the bus he realized that lots of people actually cared about him. I guess you could say that there are different styles of parenting but personally I believe that beating up your kids or not giving them any attention at all is not a great way to watch over your kids.


2 thoughts on “Adults Unleashed by: Gracie

  1. I really like how you point out that, even though Jerry was only in the story for such a short time, he did have an impact on the story. In this book you don’t really pay attention to the adult figures and it’s interesting to hear about them.


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