Love, Affection, and Loyalty in The Outsiders

The Outsiders

By: Emma

In the novel The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton, Greasers stick together no matter what. They show affection, loyalty, and friendship. They are so close because they don’t have the ideal parents and they look out for each other. In the drive in Dally and Cherry didn’t get along very well. I thought Dally was disrespectful and nearly scared her to death. That’s why I was very surprised when she said, “I could fall in love with Dallas Winston. I hope I don’t see him again, or I will.” In the book I would say that Sodapop is one of the most loving characters. Soda is known as the ladies’ man. Pony says, “Soda attracted girls like honey draws flies.” Also, cherry says, “Man your brother is one doll.” I can see why Soda is getting all this attention. Although Soda gets attention from all the girls he is deeply in love with Sandy. Soda tells Ponyboy, “I think I’m gonna marry Sandy. After she gets out of school and I get a better job and everything.”

The friendships in this book are very strong. Steve Randle and Sodapop hve been best friends since grade school and are always together. Ponyboy doesn’t really like Steve that much, but he puts up with it for Soda’s sake. Darry and Pony don’t get along very well because Darry is so hard on him, but they do love each other. On page 17 Soda says to Pony, “Don’t let him bug you. He’s really proud of you ‘cause you’re so brainy. I mean, he loves you a lot.” I think that Darry just wants Pony to excel in life since he a Soda could not.

Pony and Soda have a really strong bond. On page 2 Pony says, “I loved Soda more than I’ve ever loved anyone, even Mom and Dad. Johnny and pony are very good friends. When Johnny gives Pony Gone with the Wind, and Johnny said, “I remember you sayin’ something about it once. And me and you went to see that movie, ‘member?” Pony couldn’t even remember telling him that he wanted to read it. Since they did not finish the book it shows how they did not finish theie friendship.

Cherry shows the most loyalty to the Greasers and much disloyalty to the Socs. Cherry offered to be the Greaser’s spy for the rumble. That showed that she doesn’t always agree with what the Socs do. I believe that Cherry is a very complex character in the book. When she talks about Bob, her boyfriend, she says all the good things about him. For example, he could be really sweet and friendly when he wanted to. Cherry can be both loyal to both gangs depending on how she feels.

The bond between Greasers and Socs are very different. Greasers help each other when they get jumped. When Johnny got jumped by Socs, all the gang ran to help him when he was hurt to the point when he had to go to the hospital. The Socs just want to jump Greasers with their friends and they don’t know anything about each other. For example the other Socs didn’t know that Randy hated fighting. The Greasers are closer together because when tragedy strikes they are always there for each other.



Greasers Bond By: Madeline

In the book The Outsiders written by S.E. Hinton the Greasers show signs of loyalty, affection and friendship between each other.  The Greasers have an amazing bond between each other because they have been through so much together. The Greasers stick together like family because they are all each other have.

Throughout the story the Greasers show many acts of loyalty towards each other. A great example of how the Greasers stick up for their friends and treat each other like family is when Cherry, a Soc girl, refers to Pony boy’s friend, Dally, as “trash”. Ponyboy sticks up for his friend by saying that they are buddies. In the novel, Ponyboy and the other Greasers stick up for each other when someone talks bad about their friend because they are tough Greasers. This theme of family and friendship is very important in the book and is shown throughout the story.

The bond of friendship that the Greasers share is very strong. They have been through so much together and always stay loyal to each other no matter what circumstances. Johnny shows a very heroic act of is when he kills a Soc Bob, because he was drowning his best friend Ponyboy. This goes to show that because the Greasers have such a strong bond of friendship they would do ANYTHING for each other.





Adults Unleashed by: Gracie

In the book, “The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton” there are many different types of adults displayed very differently though out the book. There are the socs, parents, and the greasers, who everyone assumes that are so different, but are really quite similar. Although there are other figures in the book that nobody realizes are there. Acting more as a parent than any of the actual parents were.

Firstly, the only parents of greasers ever mentioned were Johnny’s parents and the Curtis Family. Johnny’s parents were abusive and neglecting, mentally and physically, leaving a giant hole in his heart nothing could really fill. Although the Curtis family had a good impact on their kids they died early. Leaving their kids with sadness in their hearts and a giant responsibility to take care of each other and themselves.

Also, the socs parents weren’t much better. They may have spoiled their kids rotten, but they never learned anything from their parents because they were gone all the time. They never realized that it’s not right to go jump some hoods on the other side of town just for fun. All of their family and people at school thought that they were perfect little angels.

Introducing Jerry Wood, the first man to not stereotype Ponyboy and the other greasers for being what they were. He saw them as actual human beings not as some hoods from the other side of town. He looked out for Ponyboy even though he had only known him for a couple of minutes, telling him not to smoke.

In conclusion, the actual parental figures in the outsiders were quite poor. Although when Ponyboy meet Jerry on the bus he realized that lots of people actually cared about him. I guess you could say that there are different styles of parenting but personally I believe that beating up your kids or not giving them any attention at all is not a great way to watch over your kids.

Icons in the 1960’s by Sean

The Outsiders in the 1960’s

In The Outsiders by S.E Hinton Elvis Presley and The Beatles are both big cultural icons for the two cliques. The Greasers were influenced by Elvis because he was a rebel and only spent money on himself, which then led to teenagers doing the same thing. Elvis influenced the teens in good and bad ways. Elvis wore very interesting clothing and the teenagers decided to copy him. Elvis wasn’t exactly a normal artist or actually a man either. He had lost his parents at a young age and had to make do with who he had. For example he would consider everyone he got to know really well family. This is just like the Greasers because most of them didn’t have parents and some that did, didn’t really like them. This is why the Greasers consider all of them to be family.

The Beatles were also a huge cultural icon especially for the socs. The Beatles dressed neatly with suits and ties and had their hair nice and combed. This led to the socs adapting to the Beatles and wearing what they wore. The Beatles also did have parents and their parents gave them pretty much everything that they wanted. This is just like the socs who get whatever they want from their parents while the parents really don’t care.


The Eye of the Outsider by Luci

E. Hinton’s use of eye color descriptions in The Outsiders helps to describe the personalities of people in the book. She uses eye color and hair color to explain how the characters personalities and behavior differ in the book. Each character is different and it is shown through eye color Eye color is one of the most distinct features of a person, and the author’s specific use of them makes it the window to a person’s soul.

Characters in the book whose eyes are described as green or greenish, seem to be the outsiders of the groups. Two examples are Ponyboy and Cherry. Cherry’s eyes are described as just green. Ponyboy describes his eye color as “greenish-gray,” but he wishes they were more grey. I think that the grey in his eyes represents the part of Ponyboy that is tough. Like a stereotypical greaser that gets into fights and steals. The green in his eyes represents the side of him that likes going to movies, drawing pictures, and reading. Cherry’s green eyes represent that she is an outsider like Ponyboy. She and Ponyboy are the only characters in the book that have green eyes, watch sunsets, and don’t fit in with greasers or Socs.

In the Outsiders, the characters with blue eyes are the people who are harsh or mean. The only blue-eyed characters in the book are Dally and Darry. The author describes Darry’s eyes as being “cold as ice.” This symbolizes his personality towards Ponyboy as mean and serious. Unlike Darry, Dally’s blue eyes symbolize his hatred for the world. His eyes are like “blazing ice,” and full of hatred for the world. This shows that Dally is as harsh as winter.

Each character’s eye color is described to represent each of their personalities. Eye color is one the most symbolic pieces of the book. Just the eyes alone can tell the personality and behavior in a character. One color could represent kindness, another color could represent heroism, it can be anything. Whether it’s grey, blue, or green, the eye color described for each character is what truly says who they are.

The Outsiders Character Comparison by Abigail

I have looked back on how the characters act, communicate, and their view on the world in The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. They all have very diverse personality types, which intrigue me to learn more about them. So I decided to see how they would react in situations, and then to compare and contrast to how I would react.

Anyways, I have come to the conclusion that I am most like not just one character, but 3, Sodapop, Darry, and Ponyboy. I am a combination of all three, and I share qualities and ways of thinking with all of them.

First up is Ponyboy. We both enjoy the company of ourselves, and we both can’t ever seem to please the people looking after us.  We are both loners and bookworms. We value our friendships, but can be tough enough to do the hard things in life. I’m proud to resemble Ponyboy, he seems to be very open to new ideas and forgiving.

I am also a lot like Darry. We both push ourselves and our family to do their best, and occasionally, have no time whatsoever to pamper ourselves, because we are too caught up into trying to fix other people’s problems. We get stressed easily, and often think we can do more than we really can. For an example, when Darry has to be roofer to support Soda & Ponyboy, he tries to lift too much material at once, and could hurt himself doing that. I’ve tried taking on plays and homework and sports all at one time, and it’s too much to handle. I get where Darry is coming from though, sometimes there just isn’t enough time to do what needs to get done.

Last but certainly not least, Sodapop. I’ve taken multiple quizzes online and this is the answer that came up most often. He is laid back, humorous, and just trying to make life the best and most fun it could possibly be. I try and focus on all of the opportunities I could have, to do something I enjoy. Not anyone else, just me. I have learned after some very difficult experiences, such as breaking down because I have too many problems to handle, including some that aren’t even mine. to just focus on me, and only how I want myself to be. I’ve stopped worrying about being the “mom” of my friend group, and trying to fix everyone else’s problems, and I feel Soda is the same way. He just want’s everyone to be happy. And that’s what I want too.

Overall I’m a mix of the boys, and I’m proud to say that, It means I’m a diverse person with a lot of character, and that’s certainly not a bad thing.

Gangs – Every Where Every Time by Drew

The Outsiders is based in the 1960’s and this is not the only decade with clicks. The 1980’s there were the bloods and the Crip’s. The bloods are the rivals of the crips. The crips are one of the largest and most violent street gang. The crips and the bloods would take over school and each kid would were ether red or blue and there would be constant fighting. Gangs like the bloods and the crips could happen any time any were.

There are still clicks even in today’s society mostly by nation. Also with the people that you hang out with. In our school each grade is a click and in each grade we have smaller groups of people that are alike. This is just human nature to do this.

Teen gangs are also in New York. They account for over 40% of the city’s murders. All of the murders have been done with a gun. There are over 300 teen gangs in New York. These gangs in New York are way more violent that the greaser and the Soc’s. The Soc’s may be very violent but they don’t kill people very often. The greaser’s are only violent when needed and it seems like the New York gangs that just seems like senseless violets. These gangs in New York are there right now. Gangs have always been around in every year decade and century.