The Abandonment and it’s Effect on the Characters in the Outsiders

In the Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, the parents do not play much of a role but it clearly describes the difference between greaser and soc parents. The Greasers parents were not there for their kids and the pushed them away. There were people like Johnny whose parents beat him physically mentally and verbally. There is also Dally’s parents who threw him out because he made a few mistakes as a kid. There were also the Curtis family who loved their kids even though they didn’t make much money. The Curtis family wanted to raise their kids the wright way so they could have a good life and would be able to make good money for themselves. In general the Greaser parents are not good role models and don’t take the time to raise their kids.

On the Soc side of things the parents never tell them no. They only give them the things they want and not what they need. The Soc’s want to be told no because they can’t control themselves on their own and Cherry Valance (a soc girl) saw that in them all. None of the parents are described individually but you could tell what they were like through the Soc’s actions.


The Soc and Greaser parents have a lot in common like the way they don’t pay much attention to their kids. These people may do different thing for or to their kids but they didn’t raise them right. All of the characters had to become independent way too fast. None of the people in the book had good child hoods and it’s because the parents didn’t guide their kids in the right direction.

By Christian


6 thoughts on “The Abandonment and it’s Effect on the Characters in the Outsiders

  1. Sounds Great Christian! I like the way you compared each type of parent (Soc and Greaser) and how they are both, (except for the Curtis family) terrible parents. You made it interesting, and entertaining. Good Job!!


  2. Christian! Nice work! I love your blog post because of what connections and comments you made! Even though your connections were simple ones, something about how you worded it made it stand out! I loved it!


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