The Abandonment and it’s Effect on the Characters in the Outsiders

In the Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, the parents do not play much of a role but it clearly describes the difference between greaser and soc parents. The Greasers parents were not there for their kids and the pushed them away. There were people like Johnny whose parents beat him physically mentally and verbally. There is also Dally’s parents who threw him out because he made a few mistakes as a kid. There were also the Curtis family who loved their kids even though they didn’t make much money. The Curtis family wanted to raise their kids the wright way so they could have a good life and would be able to make good money for themselves. In general the Greaser parents are not good role models and don’t take the time to raise their kids.

On the Soc side of things the parents never tell them no. They only give them the things they want and not what they need. The Soc’s want to be told no because they can’t control themselves on their own and Cherry Valance (a soc girl) saw that in them all. None of the parents are described individually but you could tell what they were like through the Soc’s actions.


The Soc and Greaser parents have a lot in common like the way they don’t pay much attention to their kids. These people may do different thing for or to their kids but they didn’t raise them right. All of the characters had to become independent way too fast. None of the people in the book had good child hoods and it’s because the parents didn’t guide their kids in the right direction.

By Christian


A Boy and A Girl Both Different Yet The Same Person

It is hard to choose just one of the characters in The Outsiders that I am most like. I originally thought I was three of them combined. I thought I was Ponyboy Dally and Darry. I realized something though. I realized Dally is too dark to be like me. I mean I am dark but not as dark as him. I am also not stupid and I am not a criminal. Dally and I have similarities like we both like to fight though I don’t fight for fun. I fight for self-defense not for just the feeling of blood rushing down my hands.

I finally came to the conclusion that I am most like Darry. I may be like Ponyboy but I am more like Darry. I am basically a version of him who digs sunsets and isn’t as ‘tuff’. Darry and I have many things in common. We both like to learn and we both love to show off strength. We also have responsibilities and love our family.

Learning is a passion and that is something not everyone shares. For me and Darry we have this special gift. We also share it with Ponyboy. Darry has a drive for learning and loves to show off his strength. Though I am not as strong as him I still enjoy to show off how strong I am. Serious is a common trait with me and Darry.   Darry is serious and can get violently angry if pushed too hard. That is exactly what happens to me sometimes.

Darry takes his work seriously and has many responsibilities. I may not have as many responsibilities as Darry but I would still take care of the ones I have. Darry must take care of his brothers since his parents died. I am the youngest so this means I won’t have to take care of my sister if this happens. I would still help as Sodapop does but I wouldn’t be the main one in charge.

I love my family as he loves Ponyboy and Sodapop. I would rather die than see the ones I love die. Darry is an intelligent person and he loves his brothers. I love my siblings whether or not I see them all the time or are with my birth family, a sibling is still a sibling and I love them the same. When Darry got overly mad at Ponyboy and slapped him he felt guilty. When I hurt my sister I feel guilty as well.

Darry once got called all brawn and no brain and nearly broke the guys jaw. I would have done the exact same thing in that sort of situation. Darry obviously doesn’t like being called that. He takes pride in his intellect and uses his mind a lot. I am the same way in this sense. I am proud to be whom I am and he is the same way. He may have regrets but he is a human being we all have regrets at one point or another.

I am glad that I share so many amazing qualities with Darry. I am also mad about some of these qualities. I snap as easily as Darry for reasons unknown to me. This is something I wish I didn’t have. Imagine a duckling who is adorable but then bites you. That is basically me and Darry combined. Friends are what make us who we are and are work is what keeps us going. I am proud of that.


by Carolyn

Adults…..Friends or Foes?

            In The Outsiders the adults are portrayed as horrible. The adults are cruel, mean, and abandoning. S.E. Hinton says, “Blast it, Johnny, what do they matter? Shoot, my old man don’t give a hang whether I’m in jail or dead in a car wreck or drunk in the gutter. That don’t bother me none”. That quote it’s just about Dally’s parent, but for other character as well. That’s why their children are so bad and don’t want to be in their presence anymore. Because of this is why the greasers have make a surrogate family around themselves. Though all of the adult aren’t so bad. In my opinion the children are a reflection or representation of their parents. The children are a mirror image of the parents in some cases.


            Johnny has a hard time dealing with his parents. His dad drinks and both his parents bet on him physical, mentally and emotionally. It’s so bad that he (Johnny) would rather be beaten by his dad than anyone else, because that’s the only way his father would notice him. They don’t even notice or care if he’s home or not. Johnny’s parents are so bad to him that he needed the gang because without them he would have to stay in a house where he’s not wanted. In the hospital Johnny didn’t even want his mom to come and see him while he was dying. Ponyboy and Dally were the last people to see him before he died and that’s goes to show how close they are and how they really are like a family.


            Bob, a Soc, died because his parents let him do whatever he wanted. They spoiled him rotten and he wasn’t gonna stop them. Once when Bob was out drinking and came back home drunk, his parents blamed it on themselves. They thought they made him do it, and never gave him a consequence. S.E. Hinton says, “To have somebody lay down the law, set the limits, give him something solid to stand on. That’s what we all want, really. One time…” His parents never did tell him no and maybe, just maybe if they did he’d still be alive.


            Darry is an adult, but at the same time a surrogate parent. He has to put his life goals aside and take care of his two younger brothers. Heck, he could have been a Soc if his parents didn’t die. The book is told through Ponyboy’s prospective, and he thinks that Darry is a bad parent. When in fact everything that Darry does for his brothers, their parents would’ve done the same. Ponyboy just thinks that because Darry’s his brother. Darry is not just all bruin, he cares and is really nice considering all they have been through.

            In conclusion, the adults in The Outsiders are a bad influence on their children. They don’t think care about their children and don’t only about what they want. Everyone is the same as their parents, that’s why some characters are better than others. Also that’s why Curtis brothers have the best personalities. Their parents were probably they only parents that where actually there for them. I guess you could say the Curtis brothers are The Outsiders.

 by Cyrus